Alexander Eliot – Alan Harrington

My lanky, sallow, saturnine friend Alan Harrington had the distantly bemused air of a desert dweller. Alan’s mother was an anthropologist, working among  America’s Southwest Indian tribes, so I wondered whether he might be half Indian. If so, he never mentioned it. Continue reading “Alexander Eliot – Alan Harrington”

Alexander Eliot visit to J.Paul Getty Museum with Gregg Chadwick and Phil Cousineau

Alex Eliot and Phil Cousineau at Getty Malibu

Alexander Eliot recently visited the J.Paul Getty Museum with fellow artist friend Gregg Chadwick and award-winning writer and filmmaker Phil Cousineau.

Alex Eliot and Gregg Chadwick at Getty Malibu

Alexander Eliot story about Buddy Hackett from Vogue 1965

“The first thing that struck me about Buddy Hackett was the switchblade in his hand. I could tell it meant a lot to him by the devoted way he held onto the thing, even while saying “Hello.” His round brown eyes were anything but blank, yet returned at once to his blade. He was sharpening it, so tenderly, as if with a feather. This happened in Budapest. Buddy, who is now starring in the musical, I Had a Ball, on Broadway, was there to star in a Cinerama comedy called The Golden Head. Curiosity was what had drawn me to the Hungarian capital. It is a fabulous place, steeped in human cruelty and human love, where bullets pockmark the walls, everyone sings, and the girls smile as suggestively as tearing silk.”

Alexander Eliot cover story on painter Augustus John, Time Magazine, May 1948

From the article.

“For the first time in a decade, Britain’s most durable top-rank painter was having a one-man show. On opening day, the doors of London’s little Leicester Galleries had parted promptly at 10 o’clock and the corduroy-jacketed clique of fellow artists hurried in for a long, appraising look. If anyone came with doubts, there was colorful evidence on every side that Augustus Edwin John’s considerable gifts are still as full-blown and as fresh as they were when he gave his first exhibition, 49 years ago.”

After 50 years – Sight & Insight is back in print!

Alexander Eliot, distinguished critic and art historian, breaks through to the silent world of masterpieces and makes them live anew in the eye of the imagination. Eliot plumbs the truths expressed by the greatest works of painting, sculpture and architecture. Eliot’s style is crystalline, and his purpose plain: to bring art back to the center of our culture.

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